I'm Rachel! An average city girl living in an equestraian town. Weird huh? I'm 16 and a SENIOR (!!) in high school. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Logan, who lights up my world 💖


To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself ♡


  • FOLLOWWW BACCCCK!!!!!!!!!!!! at least your first 2,000 followers
  • Post on the tumblr Facebook page, and comment on other peoples post.. follow blogs from there
  • Follow blogs from the follow back, f4f, follow for follow, etc tags on tumblr
  • Be nice to people :D 
  • Do small promos when you hit 1k, ex: first 5 to reblog
  • Don’t put ads on your blog or spam with ad links just for money
  • Go with the flow of the current tumblr “”theme”” for your posts
  • Be yourself
  • Don’t be rude
  • Answer non-anons privately and make friends :D
  • hmmmm :)))
  • be patient!! it took me two years to get where i am now
  • i’m not even sure if tumblrplug is still a website but check that out it helped me gain some
  • ask people with similar blogs to take a look at yours!


So alot of people have been asking on how to earn followers on tumblr and here are a few things that helped me out!

  • TumblrPlug- go to this website http://tumblrplug.com and that helped me tons. Add a new (redirect) page.. and make it redirect to the site. Basically theres a list of blogs (anywhere from 60-100+) on this website that has about 500+ people on it all the time. Your followers have to click the link to that page from your blog (not dashboard) and the more people that click it from your blog, the higher your blog will be pushed on the list!

Read FAQ’s- go to alot of peoples blogs (‘tumblr famous’ or not) and ask them to check your blog out. If their FAQ states that they do p4p’s with people they follow.. and they follow you, ask them politely to do a p4p, but not immediately after they follow you. It looks like you’re just using them.

  • Facebook- So theres this facebook group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/IMAKEEMMAD169/ - that i used in the beginning alot! I would make a post saying i do random promos, follow back (if you do), etc. and post a couple times an hour. Don’t over post though! Your fb friends that are also in that group will get a notification each time you post.

Promo’s- It doesn’t matter if your tumblr famous or not..you can make promo posts too! If you have under 1000 followers i’d suggest small ones, such as First 10 (I’ve done a few on my personal blog that has under 800 followers & it was successful). Once you gain more followers you can increase the number of reblogs (15, 20, 30, etc) but don’t lie about how many followers you have. (eg: first 10 get promod to 5k!) when you really have less that that. Make sure you actually promote the people that liked/reblogged your post. Your followers will trust you and your promos will all be successful.

  • Promo Games- I don’t suggest doing these. Almost all the time i do them i lose 1-30 followers. They clog dashes and it doesn’t benefit you. But participate! You can win a massive ammout of followers if you win!

BOTW- I suggest starting a BOTW when you have more that 3,000 followers. Although the winner will gain more followers than you, just getting your blog out there by making a BOTW post will help you out.

  • Ask!- ask certain blogs (popular ones) to have their followers like (the question) if they are a certain type of blog (boho, summer, quality, etc) because it shows you obviously reblog those type of things. But ask un-annoymously! 

Be nice- Be nice to your followers! Don’t sound mean in your FAQ (if you have one), when answering questions (even if they make no sense and they’re stupid) or if someone asks you something that goes against your FAQ. Another thing.. don’t bluntly go ask someone to follow you, or promo you. That is extremely rude.

  • Theme- In order to regularly gain followers & not lose you want to stick to a theme on your blog. For ex: My blog is boho. If you stick to a theme your followers most likely will have a similar blog & won’t unfollow bc they reblog from you! Also on the note of theme make sure your blog layout (theme) is neat. Try to avoid bright flashy/gif backgrounds. Try to have somewhat of a color scheme & don’t flood your blog  with text posts!

So that was all i could think of ATM but i will be updating! Good luck everybody!